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Pick 3 North Carolina Hit Predictions 12-3-08

December 3, 2008

The purpose of this blog is to provide hit predictions for the North Carolina Pick 3 lottery drawings.  I have a system that I use to do this so I’m not a psychic or anything.  I simply play with the numbers in a certain way that shows me what will hit.  I try to make my predictions daily so that my friends and family will know what to play.  Although I don’t play myself, I do enjoy watching the numbers and making the predictions. 

The system is not exclusive to the North Carolina Pick 3.  It will work for other states too.  I just don’t have time to run the numbers for all the other states.  And since I and my friends and family live in North, predicting hits for NC makes sense.  If you play the North Carolina Pick 3, feel free to visit this blog often and play my hit predictions.  If you live in another state or if you would like to learn to make these predictions on your own, contact me and for a small investment of $20, I can show you how to do it too.  I will continue to follow the numbers and post when my predictions hit.  This way, you will have proof that the system works.  

Now, I must give you a few disclaimers…I do not personally guarantee that any of these numbers will hit.  I just give my best guess based on the information that I have.  Also, my predictions are not specific to mid-day or evening drawings, they can hit in either.  Many times my predictions do not hit in the next drawing.  History has shown me that they can take up to 2 weeks to hit.  Most of the time though, it doesn’t take nearly that long.  Also, the Pick 3 prediction may hit in a different sequence than the actual prediction.  For example, if I pick 123, it may hit 321.  Now to the business at hand, my picks for today are:

460 and 236    

Good luck!